B52 Sub Woofer in natural oak finish

B52 Sub Woofer Specifications

The AME passive sub woofer creates the full spectrum of low frequency sound at any volume level without distortion. The AME sub woofer lets you feel and hear the difference in low frequency sounds from orchestral music to cutting edge DVD Discs and movie soundtracks. Add this to a your surround sound system and experience the ultimate in 6 channel total immersion environment.

  • 17.75" high x 17,75" wide x 17.75" deep (18.5" deep including speaker grill.) 
  • One 12" ultimate poly woofer
  • Sealed enclosure design
  • 3/4" industrial grade high density wood cabinet
  • Heavy duty gold connectors
  • Highly rated sealed capacitors
  • handles 260 watts, produces 88 dB
  • 100% American made and assembled
  • 21-130 Hz frequency, 8 Ohm impedance

    Retail Price $399.95

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