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AME new product offering **multi-channel power amplifiers** for home theater, surround sound systems


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6 and 4 channel Power amplifiers

Multi-Channel power amplifiers

Audio Speakers
M1000 Tower Speakers
M800 Bookshelf Speakers
M80 Bookshelf Speakers
B52 Sub Woofer 
M180 Bookshelf Speakers
M160 Bookshelf Speakers



AME offers a brilliant new 330 watt Multi-channel power amplifier. "An unbelievable combination of quality, durability, price and style."

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100% commitment to quality

Only the highest quality components, from the drivers or woofers to the smallest screw are carefully selected to meet AME's lifetime warranty requirements.

All internal connections are hand-soldered, eliminating all clips, plugs or internal breaks that frequently disconnect from vibration.

Each speaker is hand-assembled in our Chicago facility by a qualified audio technician and thoroughly tested and inspected before shipping.

Most manufacturers today offer a meager 3 or 5 year limited warranty. Ask yourself this question: if they were confident in their quality, wouldn't they offer longer warranties included in the purchase price?

AME offers a lifetime warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for the original purchasers lifetime at no additional cost to you.



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